Sheet Steel & Galvanized Steel parts which will be painted are going to be cleaned in first phase. During cleaning with chemical hot pool the oil of the parts will be removed , Iron phosphate coated , dried and then after with D1 – WATER the passivation process will be finished with the degree of 80°C which is been made in chemical hot pool process. All the oil which is hard to remove will be removed and phosphate coated. In this process the classical way is dipping the part into the pool and then after cleaning & phosphate coating comes .In our system while CANOZAN uses chemical hot pool cleaning , we have the ability to remove the oil more efficiently with chemical & physical reactions and with DI – WATER the passivation process will be done more effective. Thank to this application after painting in SHEET STEEL parts CANOZAN has 300 hours salty fog test report against corrosion.

The phase that comes after cleaning & phosphating is drying which is removing the humidity from the surface. When the humidity from the surface is removed painting process will start. In the end of painting the parts which have been painted goes in the line to oven in 200°C for 15 min. After this process the parts will be delivered to cooling area and are ready to be assembled.

With this paint line all the parts goes through all process any mistake which can effect on painting quality.